From a social media standpoint, I’ve managed Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for 4 years with thousands of subscribers. I'm familiar with how all major social media pages work on the personal and business side with SEO, and what users seek for content. I’m also experienced with engaging with followers via social media, especially with answering questions & satisfying the audience.

I also hold strong writing skills that's enabled me to write articles for magazines, as well as strong experience in using Microsoft Office, Adobe, & Google products. I have knowledge in writing pieces such as press releases, emails, proposals, etc.

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YouTube Header - Photoshop

YouTube Header - Photoshop

Fresh Water Ecology Research
A Clarkson Summer
Clarkson Giving Day
Clarkson Women in STEM
Career Fair
Happy Holidays
Happy Thanksgiving
Campus Tour: Freshman Dorms
Campus Tour: Educational Resources Center
Adirondack Lodge